Cast and Crew


Gia Valverde (Diana)

Gia Valverde is a born and raised Denver Northsider. Most recently performed on stage in Native Garden by Karen Zacarias at the Denver Center of Performing Arts. She has been a Company Member at Su Teatro for over 20 years. She originated roles in the World Premieres of Enrique’s Journey, When Pigs Fly, & Men Have Babies; El Louie and Other Post-Pachuco Dreams; and Dancing with the Spirits. She has done multiple film and commercial roles including The Frame and Lovepirates (another Cano indie). She can also be seen in music videos for Molina Speaks and Kontrast & Fo Chief.

Laurissa Gibson (Delia)

An actor and architect. Laurissa is a Colorado native.  She loves to create great art through acting and wants to share it with the world.

Michael Gunst (Totter)

Michael performs locally, nationally and internationally, notably as Gunstwork Puppet and Mask Theater. You can find him perennially at the Boulder Fringe Festival . . .

Gracen Poreca (Baudelaire)

Gracen Porreca has been acting for over 25 years in Denver and his hometown of Rochester, NY. Gracen does most of his performing as a 3rd grade teacher for Denver Public Schools. He tries to spend most of his free time with his wife, daughter, two dogs, and cranky cat.

James Svatko (Jeff Schleptab-Sikken)

“Unhappy memories!  Yet, I welcome you.  You are my lost youth.”(from George Courteline)

“The good man is a passionate man who masters his passions.”(from Friedrich Nietzsche)

“Just keep saying to yourself:  ‘It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…It’s only a movie…'” (Advertisement for Strait-Jacket (1964))

Wendy Talley (Donna)

Wendy Talley is a social worker! Gwylym was working with her one summer and asked her to be in his movie. This is Wendy’s first role – and she digs the experience. She hasn’t acted since high school when she was the center of attention.

Valarie Castillo (Villella)

Valarie is a meandering soul. She has tried many avenues of creative living. Acting is one of her favorites. Valarie is a mom to twin wonders and family is everything to her. Family and Karaoke! (Valarie appears at the very end of Ep.1 with the freshly dead Delia . .. )




Gwylym Cano (producer, writer, director)

Cano has created video works for over 20 years; small, large, features, shorts, gallery . Erato once whispered to him, “Art is Love is God.”

Features include El Corrido de Cherry Creek, Lovepirates, Mermaid Springs. Shorts; The Boxer, El Alma, Athen Zapball, Mothlight (and many others). Plays; The Eclipse of Lawry, Flowers of Evil, collaborator on Coyote Died. Poems; in anthologies Red, Hot Salsa, Voices in Person, chapbook; Friday Nights at the Mercury Cafe.

Tony Rivera (DP, lead gaff)

Tony Rivera is a Denver native and professional photographer for over 20 years. He has crewed a variety of video shorts, web series and industrials.

Drake Wheeless  (composer)

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Visual Artist. Born in East Denver, I spent the majority of adolescence and young adult life as a performing and session musician, touring nationally, and exploring identity in film, and visual art. I enjoy and am inspired by film, anthropology and surrealism.

Paul Conly (audio sweetening, foley, mastering)

Paul Conly is a veteran sound engineer and composer who has worked on over 200 A/V projects.  He has been a recording artist for Capitol, Razor & Tie and Sundazed Music record labels.  Living in Denver, he also has worked for choreographers and dance companies with great success.

Flora Stark (hair stylist, special effects make up)

Flora spends her time making the world a more beautiful place one head of hair and one face of makeup at a time, unicorn-style.





We remain ever-grateful to our CREW for Episode 1 (who may or may not rejoin due to life’s adventures) Shay Eberle-Gunst (camera assist), Juan Arrellano (gaff) Brady Anderson (production audio + PA) and Julian Aranda (PA.)