It all begins when Diana finds out her ex has been murdered. A Few Moments More is the story of a ghost, a girlfriend and a man who can talk to the dead, at least, when they’re “fresh.” A ghost noir.  Watch Episode 1!

The story continues . . .

As Diana attempts to bring the shady real estate developer to justice, his dealings only get shadier, as in, otherworldy dark . . .

A Few Moments More has the first episode “in the can.” We want to build a community. We want to shoot the next six episodes. We want you to watch them . . .   Join our mailing list and help us spread the word!

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Watch Episode 1

This doesn’t look like anything else . . . (read more.)

Friday, November 16th, 2018, Mercury Cafe, 7pm. Viewer Indiscretion Advised! Join us for a fundraiser, video art, live performances and auction to boost the AFMM campaign.


Our campaign to crowd-fund a portion of the next phase of production involves cabaret, live performances and video screenings.

Join us on our 9 month artistic adventure, having begun Oct. 2018 – (Read more!)


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